Open Theater Collaborations in New York City

At Uncle Mike Productions, we believe new works and collaboration is the lifeblood of American Theatre. We want to talk about your never-before-seen story, and figure out how to make it happen.

Inviting New Artists to Our Humble Stage

There is nothing more exciting and dynamic as the first staging of a new work. You’ve written a bold new story, or perhaps you’re a director with a strong, singular vision. We want to talk about your never-before-seen story, and figure out how to make it happen.

At Uncle Mike Productions, we believe new works and collaboration are the lifeblood of American Theatre. Whether you’re a small team that needs a boost, or just one person looking to make your dream a reality— we want to work with you.

Spotlighting Our Stable of Talented Artists

Dante Piro

Playwright, Producer

 Plays, musicals, interactive pieces, sketch comedy — there’s few theatrical endeavors Dante hasn’t undertaken. Whether writing his own shows or championing the works of others, he has plenty of experience mounting productions for the stage, whatever “the stage” happens to be at the moment. Always happy to read a script, always excited to hear about your next idea. Co-owner of Uncle Mike Productions.

Mikaila Baca-Dorion

Props Artisan, Actor, ASM, Assistant Director, and Artist.

She worked for 2 years at the immersive production Sleep No More in stage management and props, and recently refurbished the set and props of Little Shop of Horrors Off Broadway in preparation for their imminent reopening. She now works at Blue Man Group as a deck carpenter. She loves theatre and art, and is always looking for new ways to create both of them. 

Taylor Lyn Dawson

Actor, VO, Producer

Taylor Lyn Dawson is a recent transplant to New York City, after having spent a few years in Richmond and a few years touring, doing everything from Shakespeare to Theatre for Young Audiences. Since moving to NYC, she’s been doing a little bit of everything – television, film, VO, and theatre. The Verge is her first Associate Producing credit!

Twitter & Instagram: @taylorlyndawson

Mitchell Ashe

Actor, Writer

Mitchell Ashe is a from Richmond, Virginia. When he’s not busy performing or gazing thoughtfully out a window, he’s figuring out how he can get home to walk his dog, Biscuit. Off Broadway: Chasing Andy (Bated Breath Theatre). Select regional: Forever Plaid (Virginia Repertory Theatre), Twelfth Night (Quill Theatre), Heathers: the Musical (Firehouse Theatre), The Reason You Left Me… and The People Who Called While You Were Gone [available on Spotify]. Voice Acting: A Walk On the Moon (George Street Playhouse), Lil’ Wild, Best Furry Friends (Australian Cartoon Network). BFA: Virginia Commonwealth University. @mitchellofthe_a

Molly Carrol

Actor, Stage Combatant, Scenic Designer

Molly Carroll is a multi-disciplinary creator with a focus on acting, stage combat, and scenic design. She’s traveled across the U.S. to perform in theater and film, as well as internationally in the U.K. and Italy. Molly is a classically trained actor passionate about collaboration and helping others bring their artistic dreams into reality. Recent works include a short film called ‘Nina’; a heartfelt love letter to all those who struggle with chronic anxiety. Info about the short and more can be found on Molly’s Instagram:

Performances Available to Everyone

Accessibility is a beast with three heads: physical, financial, and social accessibility.

If a play is in a second-floor walk-up black box, part of your audience is denied outright. If your average ticket price is $40 before drinks, some can’t afford to see a powerful performance. If your show appeals exclusively to the existing theater-going audience, then the medium can’t survive.

For these reasons, we are committed to making our shows accessible at every level.

The venues we work with must be wheelchair-accessible at the minimum, and we keep the prices far more reasonable, with lower-priced tickets available for each show.

Finally, by advertising and engaging in communities where a night having a theatrical experience isn’t usually an option, we’re actively inviting those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford that experience to come out and see us.

Committed to Diverse New Stories

You can’t talk about accessibility without also talking about diversity, as they’re completely intersectional. Making theatre accessible to as many people as possible means investing in stories that are accessible to as many people as possible.

That’s why diversity isn’t a goal to be reactively painted on a website, but a requirement at Uncle Mike Productions.

Achieving this goal begins at the inception of each project, making sure that the crew, as well as decision-makers, are adequately representative of the story that’s being told.

To be more blunt, we are looking for queer and BIPOC artists to collaborate on all projects.

Our goal, however, isn’t to pigeonhole non-cis-het collaborators into a poster-ready example of diversity, but rather begin from the outset with intentional outreach, applications, and auditions.

Spotlighting Unique Artists

Open Collaborations To Create Quality Productions

At Uncle Mike Productions, we know quality is cumulative— and that begins with investing in artists as early as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to work with new voices in the theater world. Our goal is to create a safe place for new and emerging artists to collaborate and uplift each others’ work. That means keeping all of our spaces transparent and diverse from the outset.

Writers dying to tell their stories, technical experts craving experimentation and expression, and everyone else in-between and beyond: we want to hear from you!

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