Reviving Original Theater Productions in New York City

New Theatrical Experiences For Everyone

Everyone used to go to the theater. It was cheap, engaging, and built from the ground up to entertain the masses. Uncle Mike Productions seeks to recreate that relationship with the people. This could be through new interactive theatre experiences or weird plays opening up downtown.

Whatever we do next, you can be sure it’s going to be exciting, inclusive and affordable.

Family Ties That Bind

Uncle Mike Productions started as the enigmatic Uncle Mike himself being a lifelong patron of the arts. Mike was taken to his first Broadway show by his aunt when he was a kid, and he fell in love with the theater right away.

Though he spent more than 40 years teaching public school in the Bronx, he made sure his students had homemade performance opportunities when the arts budget was slashed.

What started with his blood-related nephews and nieces has evolved and extended into the nieces and nephews of the world.

Amplifying New and Exciting Artists

After living and working in the theatre industry for any amount of time, it’s frustrating to see the common practice of Theatre organizations bleeding artists dry for funds and time just at the chance to have their work showcased or even included.

At Uncle Mike Productions, we want to support your passion. Our goal is sustainability in our industry by producing new, interactive work, without compromising diversity and accessibility.

We want to work with you, but more importantly: we want to meet you.

If we don’t have your dream project ready to go tomorrow, we want to be able to call you in for when it’s here. Collaboration begins with communication, and communication begins with introductions. Use our form below and say hello!

Spotlighting Unique Artists

Open Collaborations To Create Quality Productions

At Uncle Mike Productions, we know quality is cumulative— and that begins with investing in artists as early as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to work with new voices in the theater world. Our goal is to create a safe place for new and emerging artists to collaborate and uplift each others’ work. That means keeping all of our spaces transparent and diverse from the outset.

Writers dying to tell their stories, technical experts craving experimentation and expression, and everyone else in-between and beyond: we want to hear from you!

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